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fever is sufficiently rare to warrant the report of a case; more

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on malposition and fixation — of paramount importance in determin-

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action of the second of these instruments having been proved ineffi-

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servers, as mentioned at the commencement of the present report.


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importance, but it will merely remark, in passing, that the almost

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"exophthalmic goitre," yet many cases with mild symptoms have

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twenty times its weight of distilled water and filtering; instead of a permanent,

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and her pulse raced. Early the next morning I withdrew all the

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became evident and rapidly progressed. A month later goitre was

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with no swelling or considerable swelling with no pain. Either

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work of a dark yellow hue. The material of this colour, however, did not

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an ulcer of the hand may greatly improve, while an ulcer of the

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after seventy-two to ninety-six hours, although several days may

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Urobilin is present in the intestine and is excreted in part by

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a railroad accident which occurred on his way from California to Chicago.

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horse with a strain of pneumococcus obtained from Neufeld. This

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A Discussion of the Manner in which Cerebral Malaria is Produced.

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24th. Bowels are open, and he appears altogether more at ease than for some

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Difficulties. — The difficulties accompanying the performance of this ope-

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action at the time, and stated that he had worn it for a considerable time. The